Pop Beauty Double Duty Kabuki Brush

I got this at Ulta for 50% off recently. They may have some left at a store near you or online.


A very impressive kabuki brush! This is now my favorite kabuki ever!  It has these luxuriously soft bristles that feel so nice on the face with no scratchiness or dragging. If there is any streakiness to your bronzer or blush, it will buff that out easily. I also use this to brush away dark shadow fallout, and I plan to use this in the summer to blend bronzer on my neck and chest since it’s fairly large.



I love that the metal case and handle feels very sturdy and solid. The brush is retractable, and the bristles are very securely attached, so I don’t anticipate any bristles coming unglued after washing it, or  having to pick loose bristles off my face.

Cruelty free.



Gelish Complete Starter Kit





Here is what the Starter Kit includes:

Basix Kit-

pH bond- 0.3 oz.
Foundation (base)- 0.3 oz.
Top It Off (sealer)- 0.3 oz.
Nourish (cuticle oil)- 0.3 oz.
Nail Surface Cleanse (cleanser)- 2 oz.
Artificial Nail Remover (remover)- 2 oz.
mini wooden file
orangewood stick
plastic pusher
prep tabs
instructional dvd

Pro: 45 LED lamp- 3 LED lights. 5 scratch resistant foam feet
Gelish nail polish in Gossip Girl .5 oz.
Gelish nail polish in June Bride .5 oz.

Looking through the kit, I realized the brochure and the dvd were missing. I will have to search for a how to video. There is a code on the boxes to scan. I gave myself a pedicure and am loving the shiny polish!