Gelish Complete Starter Kit





Here is what the Starter Kit includes:

Basix Kit-

pH bond- 0.3 oz.
Foundation (base)- 0.3 oz.
Top It Off (sealer)- 0.3 oz.
Nourish (cuticle oil)- 0.3 oz.
Nail Surface Cleanse (cleanser)- 2 oz.
Artificial Nail Remover (remover)- 2 oz.
mini wooden file
orangewood stick
plastic pusher
prep tabs
instructional dvd

Pro: 45 LED lamp- 3 LED lights. 5 scratch resistant foam feet
Gelish nail polish in Gossip Girl .5 oz.
Gelish nail polish in June Bride .5 oz.

Looking through the kit, I realized the brochure and the dvd were missing. I will have to search for a how to video. There is a code on the boxes to scan. I gave myself a pedicure and am loving the shiny polish!