E.L.F. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eye Shadow In “Soiree” Review

A versatile opaque metallic eye shadow that doubles as an eyeliner or sparkly highlighter, in a shimmery, dusky pink with loads of irresistible sparkle!IMG_0397



This shadow has a “whipped gel” texture that applies very smoothly without making skin look crepey.


I wore this over Urban Decay Primer Potion, and it stayed all day long with no fading, or glitter fallout! Another great thing is that it is very inexpensive, and looks sophisticated, not cheap!  Very impressive for a  shadow! I really hope that E.L.F. expands this range of shadows, because the formula is just awesome! 0.11 oz.





Sonia Kashuk Eye Quad In “Purple Haze”

This product is currently clearanced at Target.

This quad is sooo pretty and screams spring! The packaging is slim with an easy open magnetic closure. 0.18 oz.IMG_1767

I haven’t worn these yet, and I honestly am not sure how well I will like the quality of them. They have the most bizarre texture I have ever felt; they manage to be greasy and flaky feeling at the same time! I am hoping they will hold up well with a primer and won’t have the dreaded “grease crease”.
Swatched dry, it is more sparkle and had such bad color payoff, that my camera wouldn’t capture it correctly. Swatched wet, these shades really come alive. There is a white gold, a light pink, a lavender, and a bronze. The sparkle does not dull at all, it intensifies wet! These are stunning shadows, and I will post a look a bit later.



Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette In “Smokin’ Hot”

OMG this palette is sooo gorgeous! This was purchased recently at Ulta for 50% off, either due to old packaging, or clearance, the salesperson did not know. All Pop Beauty is on sale. 0.39 oz. The case is plastic with a rubber coated bottom, and a bit hard to open. It includes a decent double ended shadow brush- to apply dry or wet.IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 Here is a little swatchfest for you! The top row is used wet over UDPP, the bottom row is used dry over UDPP. These shadows are very dusty when brushed over.IMG_1691   Overall, this palette is fantastically pigmented used wet, the colors are just spectacular! Used dry the shades are generally lighter. white- a pearl shade with microglitter, the glitter does show up somewhat,  used wet is slightly more opaque burgundy metallic-  awesome pigmentation copper metallic, green metallic, silvery blue,-  all just slightly darker wet, the glitter didn’t show up in the silvery blue shade medium blue metallic- this one was a sheer disapointment used dry! I love it used wet, it is significantly darker and opaque medium toned purple- an iridescent amethyst winner here! this could look fab as a day look dry, and more intense look used wet for night! brown- a medium toned bronzey brown satin olive- this appears more as a satin finish blue grey metallic- great gunmeatl shade here! the glitter didn’t show up.

Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit In “Casual Cool”

 This palette is amazing, and quite a steal at $6.60 at Target, currently being clearanced! 8 shadow shades and 1 blush in a sleek, slim package that includes a double ended foam rubber applicator. 0.018 oz & 0.042 oz.IMG_1713

IMG_1718At first, these swatches looked nearly exactly the same dry as wet. The shadow row on the right is over UDPP and used wet, the left shadow row is over UDPP used dry. The right blush shade dry, then the left is wet.IMG_1719

The purple swached much brighter used wet,  and the soft pink on looked like a light mauve wet. The blush is a cool toned pastel pink, but looks warmer wet.

Overall, this is a deeply pigmented palette, and looks beautiful wet or dry. These shades all blend out wonderfully. You will not regret purchasing this!

Pop Beauty Lid Amethyst Eye Shadow Palette

I do suggest for those coveting this palette to get to an Ulta stat! It is 50% off currently, along with all Pop Beauty products, either this is due to clearancing for new products or a revamped packaging, the salesperson did not know.  I don’t know why this palette is named “Lid Amethyst”, it seems such a weird name to me! Anyway, I am loving this little cutie! It has slim cardboard packaging, which I love, and a magnetic closure. Included are instructions to do a “smokey cocoa cat” eye, or a “gilded smokey amethyst” eye, and a double ended applicator. So, enough with that, let’s get to the goodies inside!   IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1680 There are 6 shades here: a medium matte brown with golden microglitter- very nicely pigmented, the glitter does show up, but it’s not an overwhelming amount a medium toned amethyst satin- good pigmentation a light brown metallic- good basic shade, but comes off more as a satin finish a pale pinkish purple shimmer with silver glitter- a soft shiny sheer pink, the glitter didn’t make it onto my hand, I would expect glitter fallout with this one an iridescent light pink with a blue duocrome shimmer- a very pale sheer pink, the blue iridescence does come through a beige with golden shimmer- this is a straight up gold metallic So here are some swatches with UDPP. These did look different in the pan than on my swatches. They are super soft shadows, so expect a lot of fallout. When I use these I will do my eye makeup before foundation. That said, this is a good palette to play with! IMG_1686


Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life “Bright Delight” Palette

All Pop Beauty products are on sale for 50% off at Ulta currently!

Fab bright shadow shades! Slim plastic packaging with a rubber coated bottom, but with a hard to open lid. It includes a good brush to use wet or dry with these shades. These were particularly dusty when brushed over. 0.39 oz.

This palette could be an easy way to incorporate brights for the color shy, as they will blend out softly when used dry. I can see this being used for an outrageous, wild 80’s look! The colors wore long and true all day long. This is an amazing palette, and such a steal at $12.00!

Here is a closer look at the palette:IMG_1698






The look I posted yesterday featuring this palette: https://makeupofmadness.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2375&action=edit

Used wet over UDPP is the top row, the bottom row is used dry over UDPP. The shades are pigmented nicely used dry, with the exception of the blue, however, they all swatched much more bright and intensely used wet.


grey & indigo– very beautiful shades wet!

blue– sheer and nearly no opacity used dry, wet was better, but not that great overall

green– very nice shade

yellow– great soft matte lemon used dry, intense but chalky used wet

fuchsia– good color payoff dry, but prettier wet

purple– while this was sheer, it was not bad for a purple, not a complete disappointment like the blue one was. wet definitely is best

teal– OMG. teal makes me happy! and how about that shade used wet?

light green-ish yellow– i like this one best dry, used wet it takes on a darker green hue, but it’s too similar to the other green.

gold– a pearly gold dry, but wet is actually a very pale green.


What do you think? Will you purchase this palette?