Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit In “Casual Cool”

 This palette is amazing, and quite a steal at $6.60 at Target, currently being clearanced! 8 shadow shades and 1 blush in a sleek, slim package that includes a double ended foam rubber applicator. 0.018 oz & 0.042 oz.IMG_1713

IMG_1718At first, these swatches looked nearly exactly the same dry as wet. The shadow row on the right is over UDPP and used wet, the left shadow row is over UDPP used dry. The right blush shade dry, then the left is wet.IMG_1719

The purple swached much brighter used wet,  and the soft pink on looked like a light mauve wet. The blush is a cool toned pastel pink, but looks warmer wet.

Overall, this is a deeply pigmented palette, and looks beautiful wet or dry. These shades all blend out wonderfully. You will not regret purchasing this!