Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser From Biore


Charcoal-based cleansers have been getting a lot of press recently, so I was on the hunt to try one. Why charcoal? Charcoal has long been known to remove impurities and detoxify. New skin care products have been popping up everywhere containing this new “magic” ingredient. At the time I bought this, Biore was the only brand I could find that contained charcoal. Since stress has given me mass breakouts lately, I hoped it would help to clear up my skin.

This cleanser claims to “deep clean 2 times better than a basic cleanser and purify skin naturally”. It does pump out a smoky grey with bits of black charcoal powder mixed into a glycerin base, but no worries as it will lather white, and rinse off well, without a filmy feel.  It has a fresh, clean, almost bordering on an aftershave-like scent, and tingled slightly without burn.

Later, I read more about the differences between charcoal powder and “activated” charcoal. Activated charcoal-based products are key to purifying the skin, not charcoal powder itself, which is what this one has. So this product was misleading in that it is more of a generic cleanser, not a “deep” cleanser as promised. It did not make my skin any worse, but  it definitely did not help my skin anymore so than a regular facial cleanser would. If you really want to deep clean your face, grab one that contains activated charcoal instead.  6.77 oz.


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