Pop Beauty Lid Amethyst Eye Shadow Palette

I do suggest for those coveting this palette to get to an Ulta stat! It is 50% off currently, along with all Pop Beauty products, either this is due to clearancing for new products or a revamped packaging, the salesperson did not know.  I don’t know why this palette is named “Lid Amethyst”, it seems such a weird name to me! Anyway, I am loving this little cutie! It has slim cardboard packaging, which I love, and a magnetic closure. Included are instructions to do a “smokey cocoa cat” eye, or a “gilded smokey amethyst” eye, and a double ended applicator. So, enough with that, let’s get to the goodies inside!   IMG_1677 IMG_1678 IMG_1680 There are 6 shades here: a medium matte brown with golden microglitter- very nicely pigmented, the glitter does show up, but it’s not an overwhelming amount a medium toned amethyst satin- good pigmentation a light brown metallic- good basic shade, but comes off more as a satin finish a pale pinkish purple shimmer with silver glitter- a soft shiny sheer pink, the glitter didn’t make it onto my hand, I would expect glitter fallout with this one an iridescent light pink with a blue duocrome shimmer- a very pale sheer pink, the blue iridescence does come through a beige with golden shimmer- this is a straight up gold metallic So here are some swatches with UDPP. These did look different in the pan than on my swatches. They are super soft shadows, so expect a lot of fallout. When I use these I will do my eye makeup before foundation. That said, this is a good palette to play with! IMG_1686



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