Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette In “Smokin’ Hot”

OMG this palette is sooo gorgeous! This was purchased recently at Ulta for 50% off, either due to old packaging, or clearance, the salesperson did not know. All Pop Beauty is on sale. 0.39 oz. The case is plastic with a rubber coated bottom, and a bit hard to open. It includes a decent double ended shadow brush- to apply dry or wet.IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 Here is a little swatchfest for you! The top row is used wet over UDPP, the bottom row is used dry over UDPP. These shadows are very dusty when brushed over.IMG_1691   Overall, this palette is fantastically pigmented used wet, the colors are just spectacular! Used dry the shades are generally lighter. white- a pearl shade with microglitter, the glitter does show up somewhat,  used wet is slightly more opaque burgundy metallic-  awesome pigmentation copper metallic, green metallic, silvery blue,-  all just slightly darker wet, the glitter didn’t show up in the silvery blue shade medium blue metallic- this one was a sheer disapointment used dry! I love it used wet, it is significantly darker and opaque medium toned purple- an iridescent amethyst winner here! this could look fab as a day look dry, and more intense look used wet for night! brown- a medium toned bronzey brown satin olive- this appears more as a satin finish blue grey metallic- great gunmeatl shade here! the glitter didn’t show up.


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