Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life “Bright Delight” Palette

All Pop Beauty products are on sale for 50% off at Ulta currently!

Fab bright shadow shades! Slim plastic packaging with a rubber coated bottom, but with a hard to open lid. It includes a good brush to use wet or dry with these shades. These were particularly dusty when brushed over. 0.39 oz.

This palette could be an easy way to incorporate brights for the color shy, as they will blend out softly when used dry. I can see this being used for an outrageous, wild 80’s look! The colors wore long and true all day long. This is an amazing palette, and such a steal at $12.00!

Here is a closer look at the palette:IMG_1698






The look I posted yesterday featuring this palette: https://makeupofmadness.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2375&action=edit

Used wet over UDPP is the top row, the bottom row is used dry over UDPP. The shades are pigmented nicely used dry, with the exception of the blue, however, they all swatched much more bright and intensely used wet.


grey & indigo– very beautiful shades wet!

blue– sheer and nearly no opacity used dry, wet was better, but not that great overall

green– very nice shade

yellow– great soft matte lemon used dry, intense but chalky used wet

fuchsia– good color payoff dry, but prettier wet

purple– while this was sheer, it was not bad for a purple, not a complete disappointment like the blue one was. wet definitely is best

teal– OMG. teal makes me happy! and how about that shade used wet?

light green-ish yellow– i like this one best dry, used wet it takes on a darker green hue, but it’s too similar to the other green.

gold– a pearly gold dry, but wet is actually a very pale green.


What do you think? Will you purchase this palette?


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